The University encourage students to go abroad and join the mobility program and become a global-ready student. This program has been successfully executed by the faculty in collaboration with the International Centre (IC) UTeM.

This program is classified as follows: 



  • 14 to 20 weeks abroad at selected Universities partners
  • Credit transfers available*
  • Financial assistance from ‘Erasmus +’ or UTeM 

  • 4 to 8 weeks program abroad during summer holiday (June-September)
  • Educational opportunities based on environment, cultural, tradition and heritage

*Students’ final score/ grade for certain courses that have been taken at partner institutions will be acknowledged by UTeM to be transferred back to the students’ related UTeM courses.

Partner University

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A total of 46 students has benefitted from this program for the past 4 years. The faculty is committed to open this program for more students as we are looking forward to collaborate with new university partners in the upcoming years.


Mobility with credit transfer Program


 “I loved the overall environment in Germany, including the environment in the university and my daily routine. Everything was just fine and there is nothing to be worried about the German culture as it was part of the interesting experience to be gained for exchange students like us. Languages like simple English and some basic German are enough to communicate and to carry out our daily routine.”

Wong Choong Kin
Hochschule Hannover (HsH), Germany

“In Hannover, lectures session was carried out in English. We have been given a lot of chance to interact with many students all around the world. The university provide us with their own food plan for each week. They even took care of vegetarian and Muslim dietary requirements. A free sport service and utility centre is available for all university students within Hannover.”  

Lee Kent Quan
Hochschule Hannover (HsH), Germany

“The lecture session is more relaxing. My classmates in Turkey are very helpful and friendly. Turkey has a very beautiful and clean city. It took some time for me to get used with Turkish food, as their staple food is bread. From my view, knowing Turkish language will give you more advantage to survive here.”

Siti Nornasuha Jaafar
Marmara University, Turkey

“The lecturers are very kind and helpful. The experience of exploring another country is priceless. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be in this mobility program.”  

Siti Fatimah Amirah Norazmy
Marmara University, Turkey

“Istanbul has a nice and cool weather during fall and winter seasons. I did travel around Istanbul with other mobility program students. We did it after class session. We got a chance to blend in with Turkish culture”

Desmond Lim Yuan Tee
Marmara University, Turkey

“Istanbul is a historical place to live in. They have a reliable transportation system. Most of the lecturers are very kind and helpful. During my stay, I manage to make many new friends. I also enjoy playing basketball in the university.”

Bong Quang Hui
Marmara University, Turkey

“The lectures were easy to understand. The lecturers were sporting & friendly. We get to stay at a comfortable house with an affordable rent.”

Nur Adibah Amat Ali
Gebze Technical University (GTU), Turkey

“Istanbul have a very nice and pleasant environment. Although the population is dense, it is a clean country. The uniqueness of the buildings, historical places and the nature itself are overwhelming. Moreover, the local people are nice, helpful and friendly.  I got to experience a new learning process where they trained us not to depend 100% on the lecturers. Overall, Mobility Program is indeed a very good program to build an independent and outstanding student. This program should be done more often in the future as this can help our students to be more open-minded and confident to meet foreign people.”

Emira Syamimi Ahmad Subri
Yildiz Technical University (YTU), Istanbul Turkey

“..this mobility program is a very good experience for any student. The facilities provided in YTU were comfortable. It is because the place is near to the university and my home. So, it is easy for me to get a public transport.”

Muhamad Aizuddin Akmal
Yildiz Technical University, (YTU), Istanbul Turkey

“In term of lectures, the durations of lectures in YTU are 3 hours for each subject that includes a 15-minute break. There are a lot of nice scenery and gorgeous buildings such as Gelata Tower and Gelata Bridge in Turkey. There are also a lot of interesting activities in Turkey such as paragliding, hot air balloon, and travelling.”

Low Kin Hung
Yildiz Technical University, (YTU), Istanbul Turkey

“YTU gave us a buddy which is one of their students to help us around. There is also a Unity of Malaysian Student, where most of our daily routine are done with them. For the extra activities, the university provides us with a few events with the ESN program, where all the mobility students need to participate. In this program, we get to know each other and widen our circle of friendship.”

Nur Asyakirin Mohd Safaruan
Yildiz Technical University, (YTU), Istanbul Turkey


“I am very grateful to be able to join this mobility program that allowed me to study abroad for one semester. When we first landed in Turkey, it was the first day of snow. Words could not describe how we felt as it was a memorable experience for us as Malaysians, being able to witness and experience a winter season. The lectures in class were smooth and the lecturers were very caring to us as we are foreign students in their class. We spend 4 out of 7 days in a week for classes. The rest of the week, we would either explore around the city of Istanbul or study in the library. In my opinion, it was a good chance for me to learn and explore a foreign country despite having a language barrier. No matter in which country we are staying, we must be mentally strong and brave to adapt with the new-environment. Travelling in a foreign country is essential, however our education should be prioritized as it is the main reason we were there.”

Soh May Ling
Yildiz Technical University, (YTU), Istanbul Turkey

Summer camp program

“There are many places with a nice scenery in Istanbul. The locals are very kind and supportive. Learning session starts from 8 am to 3 pm and we have 15 minutes coffee break for each lecture. Our dormitory is very comfortable. The cost for the food is not too expensive and it is easy to get halal food in Istanbul. We also spent quality time with our new international friends (from e.g England, Korea. Portugal, India and Indonesia) to do some activities after the class such as swimming, shopping, and travelling.”

Muhammad Aqmal Musa
Delightful Istanbul, Aydin University, Turkey

“KIT mainly caters for engineering related fields. It has scenic surroundings with a red brick theme for most of their buildings’ architecture design. Here, we are required to attend Korean Language Class.  We were provided with a twin-sharing room for the accommodation. The room is well-equipped with essential facilities which creates a peaceful atmosphere to study. Overall, Korean practices healthy eating style in their daily meals as their dishes are mainly made up of vegetables, less spicy and oily foods. However, the cost of living is quite high.”

Lee Qui Fang
KIT summer camp, Korea


  1. Registered as an active student at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
  2. Should demonstrate excellent personal skills.
  3. Should demonstrate empathy and understanding of cultural differences.
  4. Is in good health condition.
  5. Possess a good command of the English Language.
  6. Must agree to enroll at the host institution as described in the program plan
  7. Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution or placement provider.
  8. Agree to be responsible for the costs incurred. The students may seek other sources of sponsorship including those provided by UTeM to subsidize some expenses including travel, accommodation and insurance costs.
  9. Have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher.



Eligible students may fill in the online form.

Information for Applicants

  1. On submitting your application and attending the personal interview session, the committee will meet to reach a final decision upon your application.
  2. No progress report or status report will be given by the committee until the final action has been taken and approved by the Dean’s Office.