Energy Management


Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) was established in early 2001. Energy management system has been started in FKE since 2015 to demonstrate the highest level of sustainable energy management while saving costs of the university. The aim is to become one of the organization that is recognized as a good energy management practitioner and can become best model to other organizations in Malaysia. One of the items in the 6th UTeM Strategic Plan is to achieve the highest standard in Energy Management which is the Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS) 3 star. In addition, this initiative also is one of the 5 strategies of Development and Facility Management Office, UTeM which is to achieve and maintain 3-star EMGS. UTeM will be the first Malaysia Technical University Network (MTUN) and the second Public University in Malaysia to receive this star rating. Beforehand, UTeM has secured EMGS 1 star in 2016 , EMGS 2 star in 2019 and EMGS 3 star in 2021. To sustain the energy performance and to maintain EMGS 3 star, UTeM is targeting to improve the quality of energy managment system in 2022.

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