Department of Diploma Studies
This program is intended to produce a graduate who has level of education that balance between theory and practice/practical and emphasis on development of values, ethics and attitudes. The overall structure of curriculum aims to produce student who are able to:  

   i. Use knowledge, comprehension and practical skills at work. 

  ii. Assess and decide, taking into account social, scientific and ethical issues with moderate autonomy. 

 iii. Demonstrate very good confidence level in pursue their own careers. 

 iv. Apply study skills in adapting to ideas, processes and new procedures for career development. 

  v. Gain team and interpersonal skills that are appropriate to employment.

Career prospect
Based on the knowledge and skills gained throughout three (3) years studies, the graduate will have the opportunities:- 

   i. To be employed as a technician or assistant engineer in industries or government agencies. 

  ii. To pursue their studies in any related electrical engineering field either in IPTA or in IPTS.